Vertical farming

Vertical farming is a production method where plants are grown in multiple layers. We became interested in environmentally friendly technology and developed our own unique growing units.

Even a small space in the city can enable large yields. We cultivate our products in multiple layers, which allows us to utilize the space in the vertically, multiplying the cultivation area compared to traditional greenhouses. Thanks to superior land use efficiency and thermal insulation, less energy is used to heat the production space.

Vertical farming frees up space from nature and allows us to utilize otherwise unused spaces in cities, even underground!



  • Efficient land use
  • Fresh produce year-round
  • Faster growing cycles
  • Short transportation distances
vertikaaliviljely-yksiköitä, joissa kasvaa versoja monessa kerroksessa LED-valojen alla.
Erilaisia kasveja kasvamassa verikaaliviljely-kasvatuskanavissa ja kasvatustorneissa.

Our production

Our current vertical cultivation is located in Kera halls, a former logistics center in Espoo. At our facilities, we grow clean and nutrient-rich local food and develop our growing technology so that we can produce food even more sustainably. The growing environment we have developed is specially designed for growing microgreens and baby leaves.

About microgreens

Vertical farming is made possible by efficient LED technology, which allows us to achieve not only significant energy savings, but also to optimize favorable growing conditions for the crops. LED lights accelerate the growth rate and bring stronger color and flavor to the plants.

We always aim for the lowest possible energy consumption and clean production.
Our partner Fortum offers us electricity produced with 100% renewable energy.


Our motives

  • 90% less water
  • Optimized growing conditions
  • Environmental responsibility

Why Pinoa?

Always fresh, always available

Shelf life up to 2 weeks 

Sustainability via local agriculture

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