Pinoa on Fortum’s journey towards a cleaner world


Our operations are strongly based on ecological practices, the circular economy and the development of future farming methods. Through these principles we approach our goal for the cleanest and most sustainable food production possible. Every stage of our production, from the energy-efficient LED lights to the energy they run on, is harnessed to achieve this goal.

A high-quality and environmentally friendly end product is achieved when every variable in our production is adjusted for optimal conditions for efficient growth, while consuming as little energy as possible. Development is achieved through cooperation and transparent sharing of information. Our cooperation with Fortum enables us to run our operations with electricity from 100% renewable energy sources and promote our mission of ecological urban farming. Smart solutions, responsibility and honesty are at the core of both Fortum’s and Pinoa’s operations, which creates the perfect synergy of our partnership.

Food often travels a long way to our table, and as urbanization accelerates, these distances are only increasing. The development of technology enables the production of authentic local food on a large scale, even in the most challenging environments. Utilizing Fortum’s expertise in renewable energy sources, we create innovative solutions for the sustainable urban agriculture of the future.

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